Mary came to me seeking help with her relationship. Her partner didn’t treat her well. They were having problems with intimacy. They lost a spark and affection for each other.

I explained to her how I could help her put herself first, be more nice and more loving to herself, heal her past wounds and change her relationship.

This all sounds great, but it costs money, she said.

Yes, it is true. But everything in the world costs. The question is, do you feel you deserve it for yourself?

You would like to be treated nicely, but you don’t treat nice yourself. You don’t feel you deserve this for you.

This therapy can change your life, and investment is smaller than the costs of your last year’s holidays. And you treated yourself that because you felt you deserve it.

If you want to put yourself first, you need to put yourself first!

If you want to put yourself first, you need to put yourself first. Not selfishly, but with love and care. If you want to send a message to yourself, that you are important.

Your life is important, your happiness is important, your relationship is important, your future is important. It is important that you invest in all that.

You can’t expect your partner to treat you nicely if you don’t treat nice yourself!

And if you invest with me, to help you, I will be grateful, but it is not about me. It is you who is important.

Do something for you because of you!

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