“Sometimes, I am afraid of talking to my partner,” Tina told me.

I know we both would like to have a peaceful relationship, but we always end our conversation with a conflict.

All the time, I expect that something will go wrong. I don’t know-how can I get rid of that feeling.

When we talk, I am always afraid of what is behind his conversation. I have a hard time to relax and trust completely. I think both my partner and I have this problem.


We bring experiences from our past into a new relationship, good and bad ones.

Even thou, we decided many times that next time will be different; we need to know the following.

When something happens to us; we have a conflict with our partner, we feel uncomfortable in a situation, we experience despair, hopelessness, anger, disappointment, the energy of that event stays in our body.

Even thou we decide things will be different from now on, the energy from our past experiences is still there.

Regardless of how we wish to behave differently, no matter how much new knowledge we accumulated about relationship, communication, and other skills, the energy is still there.

When something happens, someone tells us something, in a certain moment, this stored Energy activates, and causes us we say something or react without control.

Energy wounds from past events, on the other side, make us vulnerable. We react more intensely because we are more sensitive.

We need to understand that our communication problems are not just problems with our communication. Slowly, this affects everything else; your relationship, trust, happiness, intimacy, and your future.

If we want to be happy in our relationship, it is not enough to just decide and wish things to be different.

We need to resolve our old resentments, release their energy, and heal our wounds.

And this is something you deserve to do for yourself, your partner, and for your life.

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