A few months ago, I had a conversation with Natasha, who was in a relationship with a few years older man. He didn’t treat her well; it was all just about him and his desires. She was unimportant. His plans were before hers, always.

She told me she tried to have a conversation about this topic several times. She told him how she didn’t like the way he treated her. It didn’t help. He didn’t listen.

I told her that the way she treats herself is the way others treat her. If she feels her real value, makes no compromises about her desires, he will follow as well. I invited her to work with me. But.

She went on a holiday first, without him, unfortunately, then it wasn’t the right time, she had her idea what the problem was.

There were several months back and forth in our conversation, and then I let her go for a while.

A week ago, I contacted her, how is she doing. She told me they went apart.

I hope everything is like you desired; I replied.

No, it is not! I am grieving; she wrote back.

I am very sorry for your loss, and I am very sorry for you, as well. And I am angry about you, too. There were four months that we were talking about this, and unfortunately, you didn’t move.

If we would start working together at a time, today you would be a happy woman, with him or happy single. You would not grieve, and you would understand what you want in life. With or without him!

Moral of the story.

When is the best time to work on your relationship?

The best time is Now.

And, if you are reading this, and you know you need to change/save a relationship, you have to act!

Find somebody who was there, where you are now, and came out great and made results.

Don’t waste your time and your love life.

The best time is Now. This moment!

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