What should I do to love myself even more, to give myself love, Maya asked me during our training.

Great question, I answered. Look, it is not so much about what you do, then how you do it. And how you do it depends on your way of thinking, experiencing.

Most women, when putting themselves first, take time for themselves. They plan to have a warm bath once a week. Maybe they visit a beauty salon, start an exercise routine, think about how they could pamper themselves from time to time.

All that is great, and it is definitely a step in the right direction, something every woman should do for herself. But.

The key is to change the way of thinking, behaving. Already a question, what SHOULD I do, shows, that you want to DISCIPLINE yourself into something. You can’t discipline yourself into loving yourself.

When you really want to do something, and you are happy to do it, it is a pleasure for you. It is a different attitude.

You have to ask yourself, am I gentle towards myself, do I encourage myself, motivate, am I patient, tolerant, understanding, do I accept myself?

How do I react when I make a mistake, when things go wrong, when others don’t treat me well? Do I criticize myself again? Am I disappointed about myself, am I giving up, thinking that I am repeating the same mistakes again and again, and I will never make it?

What is my attitude to myself, when I am tired, exhausted, can’t do anything anymore? Can I accept myself, softly encourage myself, or do I accuse myself that I should do it? If I don’t do it, then nobody else will do it, and I go over myself, over my body, and my fatigue. Because a wonderful mother and partner SHOULD do it? Should do it or can do it?

This is not so easy, Maya replied.

Not easy, I replied. The biggest problem is, because we are injured energetically. The energy from things that we experience emotionally, like disappointment, anger, despair, worries, sadness, guilt, hurt us, energetically.

Because of these energy injuries and wounds, we are overly sensitive. Things that happen to us, words people say to us, especially our partner, touch us (sometimes hit us) much more, and we react more intensively than we normally would.

It is because of those things that it is so difficult. On the other side, we are many times tired, without energy, which makes it even harder to keep focus, to watch out that we don’t overreact or explode. It is difficult to maintain a different attitude toward myself.

Because we are injured, we fall into old patterns automatically. I did it again, again this happened to me. Again, he said something to me. We continue going in circles and can’t break free.

During our Energy Training, we heal these wounds and injuries with Energy. Time won’t heal us, Energy will. When you heal wounds of the past, things don’t affect you anymore. You can react differently, change the relationship you have with yourself and others. You can think and act differently because you are not hurt anymore.

During Energy Training, we also recharge our Energy; Energy that you need to rise above everything that is going on, above your past, above old patterns, reactions, and you can start to change them.

The most you can do for yourself to love yourself even more, is to Heal yourself Energetically and change your view of life.

And then, you will know it by yourself what to do and how to act, that you will give yourself love and will maintain it.
PS. Would you like to learn to love yourself, life, and relationship? Would you like to have a different life? I can help you. Inside of my Energy Training (Program), I have a space for a few beautiful souls who wish to change their lives, and you can be the one. For more information, write to me info(at)energysuccesscoach.com or send me a message.

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