In Life, we go through different difficult situations; we experience pain, loss, sadness, anger, despair, bitterness, jealousy, fear, …

All these negative emotions injure us Energetically. Because of our wounds, we need Healing.

What is the difference between Emotional and Energetical Healing?

With Emotional Healing, you accept what happened; you forgive, you make peace with it. You don’t feel negative emotions toward experiences from the past anymore.

Once you are Healed Emotionally, situations from the past still can, and do happen, but you react differently; you recognize them, and you know how to avoid them. In a relationship, you can stand up for yourself, defend yourself. You are not afraid to say what you feel and express what you want.

With Energy Healing, you Heal Emotionally, and at the same time, you also change your Vibration.

When you change your Vibration, things from the past don’t happen to you anymore; you don’t meet negative or abusive partners (people) anymore. You are on a different, higher vibration.

If you want to Live a truly Happy life, it is not enough just to be Healed Emotionally.

If You want to change Your Vibration, you need to be Healed Energetically.

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