Just when you need five minutes for yourself, your child is running around you all the time. Can’t you be alone for a few minutes so Mommy can do something, you ask him?

Why can’t he play alone for a moment, so I can take a moment for myself or complete the task?

You’ve been talking to your teenager for the tenth time, negotiating to be at peace for a while, and studying for school. He finds it hard to sit still and focus. The lesson just doesn’t want to jump into his head. Is it ADHD or any of the other HDs?

Then there is the mother. She has been thinking for a while about starting the morning meditation and doing at least ten minutes of yoga in the evening, but things are not going well.

Maybe I should kick my ass more, discipline myself somehow?

Maybe she should discipline herself and her children. Maybe, or not?

That was exactly the theme of today’s training with one of my students. What is going on, and what do all three have in common?

Anxiety in children, the child does not know how to play alone, attachment to the mother, the challenge of sitting still, focus, concentration and with it learning difficulties, and later problems with discipline, is not a matter of discipline or. disciplining. Of course, there must be some order and habits, and we must learn and train them.

The key here, however, is Energy, Energetically weak heart, or an energetic imbalance in the heart that causes energy not to flow as it should. Of course, there are also some energy injuries here. When we have an energetically healthy heart, we can keep our focus, have clarity, vision, have no problems with discipline, and above all, we feel and have peace within us. Which is the basis of any action.

What can we do, and how can we help? The first option that most people know of is meditation. Through meditation, we calm down and we can teach to calm down to our child. You can also meditate with your baby. When the mother has peace in herself, most of the time, the child will fall asleep very quickly and peacefully.

Even better results we can achieve through the Energy Flow, where we calm down, and in addition, we connect with the healing energy that balances, heals, and makes the heart energetically stronger. I recommend the practice of Energy Flow to everyone. It is suitable for all ages.

I hope this information can help you and your loved ones, and I hope you can resolve situations of restlessness and focus from now on faster and easier. Peace, focus, and discipline are energy states that are most quickly achieved energetically.

I wish you one wonderful day and stay wonderful!

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