There are only two reasons for a breakup in the relationship and why we become distant! Only two.

I know, I know, I hear you, there are many more. He said, she said, he did, she did … I understand. But.

There are only two reasons for a breakup in the relationship and why we become distant! Only two.

All others reasons are the results of those two reasons, consequences if you will.

The first reason is lack of Creative Energy. At the beginning of our relationship, we are full of expectations. We are patient, tolerant, all because we have enough still Creative Energy.

During our time together, things happen, arguments, stress, life, and we lose Creative Energy. We lose patience, tolerance, focus to control yourself, what to say, how to say, not to explode.

And second reason are Energetical Injuries that happened because of stress, anger, resentment, sadness. All the emotions that we experience hurt us energetically, and these injuries make us much more sensitive, more reactive. Another side effect are also Energetical blockages, stored negative energy inside our body which is just waiting that someone steps on our toe, and we explode.

There are only two reasons for a Breakup! Lack of Creative Energy and Energetical Injuries.

What can you do, to prevent a breakup, to prevent drifting apart?

When you Heal Your Energetical Injuries and recharge your Energy, you become stronger; you have more Energy; you gain back control of your Life and your relationship, because you can respond differently, you can see the situation differently, you can talk with your partner differently.

This is the foundation to save or restore your Love Relationship.

Energy Relationship Healing is the new starting point of your Relationship and Your Life.

Energy Relationship Healing is a Revolutionary Breakthrough Method for Saving or Restoring a Love Relationship.

PS. If this feels like your situation, and you want to save your relationship, send me a message!

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