Do you like problems? Regardless, if you call them problems, situations, or opportunities. They still need to be solved.

How can we make problem-solving more productive, especially if we need to solve problems all the time? Our life is pretty depressive.

Unfortunately, with problems is just like with an old car. When something starts to break down, everything starts to break. And, when one problem appears, after we solve it, another one shows up, for us to solve.

We all heard, if you would work on yourself, if you would be in personal growth, you would not have problems. I hundred percent agree. But, sometimes it is not so easy.

How can we stop dealing with problems?

Very easy. We turn them into goals!

The problem “How can I tell something to my partner?”, we can change into a goal “How can I improve my relationship communication?”

The problem “How can I motivate my partner?”, we can turn into a goal “How to create a relationship that is motivated?”

The problem “How can I pay my bills?”, we can transform into a goal “How can I earn more money?”

When the problem becomes a goal, it becomes a project

When the problem becomes a goal, it becomes a project, something we are working on, improving, learning about, and on the way to becoming better. Better we, better our relationship, better our life.

As Tony Robbins says: “The key to a different life is that we start asking different questions!”

Instead of solving problems, we transform them into goals and start changing and improving our life.

I hope you liked the advice. I would be happy if you would share it with someone that needs it. And, if you need help with your goals, I’m here for you.

Stay wonderful.

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