Have you ever wanted to change your Life and didn’t know how? And then someone gave you a few clues, and you decided from now on everything will change?

How long did a change last? A week or two, and then things were the same again. Why is that?

Many times someone comes to me with questions. They want to change their Life, better their Relationship.

And I give them the steps that they need to take. And then they came back a few days later, with the Big Decision.

You know Miran, I spoke to my partner; we talked it over, and we decided; things will be different from now on. Thank you for your time and your advice.

You are welcome. Even though, honestly, this was not my purpose in giving you advice.

Let me ask you a question! What happened after I gave you a few, just a few instructions on how to change your situation?

Nothing. Yes, you got some energy, motivation, momentum. And this caused you to make a plan and make a decision. But!

Things in Life can change when something new comes into our Life; new knowledge, a different perspective, fresh understanding, steps, and a blueprint for a change that you need.

Many times, you need healing to take place.

And if our Life was not ok for five, ten, or even more years – things can’t change with one decision.

It can give you the direction; to find help, to find a mentor who can guide you on a new path.

When you decide, the Energy of that decision vanishes within a week. And then what? You remain without Energy, without knowledge, without the support you need. And you can’t keep the promise that you gave.

Please understand. The Big Decision about Change – is Fake. It doesn’t work, and it doesn’t last.

Let’s say you have a garden, and you didn’t know how to take care of it. It produced nothing. Will one decision change that? It takes time, and work, a different approach to make a change.

I have been there, tried all shortcuts, I was a smart ass myself. But it didn’t work. I had to accept and embrace the laws of nature. Then things changed.

The Big Decision about Change is Great! But decide you want to find support!


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