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Summertime is the best time to get an advantage!

Many people think of summer as a time for vacation, to relax, chill out, to enjoy. Summer is the hardest period in a year to work on yourself. The atmosphere is just not supportive, most of the time.

But when you understand the Law of the farm, you know that you need to plant the seed, cultivate it and then you can reap the harvest. We know these things with the garden, but when it comes to our personal growth, things are more esoteric. We think that what we do today will show the results tomorrow. But unfortunately, we are wrong. What we invest in today in personal growth and business, will show up after a few months, half a year or even later.

Now is a summertime. Time to rest, to relax. Really? Can be, but there are some people out there who are working hard, investing in their business, working on themselves. They do, of course, also take vacations, but they are not in vacations mode. And they know that autumn is coming and they know that they want to reap the fruits.

Which one are you? Do you have a clear vision, know what do you want, or are you currently in a summer spirit? You might say, I will start working on myself again in September. You can, but the others who continue to work all the time will have in September two months of advantage.

Who are you and who would you like to be? Make a decision, find a support group, hire a mentor, take massive action, and you will be unstoppable. Summer and winter are only our perceptions. The only thing that matter is knowing what you want and what is your destination. Who are you and who would you like to be? And summertime is the best time to get an advantage!

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