I hear many times: I like to be spontaneous in a relationship.

We don’t plan things; it seems like a burden to me, an obligation.

When we feel to do something, we do it.

When I feel I want to surprise my partner, I do it.

Sounds wonderful! But, is it?

Does it work?

A relationship is like a garden; You have to cultivate it!

A personal relationship is like a business relationship; You have to nurture it.

If you don’t communicate, if you don’t do things together, you drift apart.

The relationship loses its spark; the connection is gone.

The same applies to our love relationship.

Just because you are together, just because you live together,

doesn’t mean that you will stay together. If you don’t work on a relationship.

You know, if you don’t schedule a call with a business prospect, the opportunity will vanish.

But, if you don’t schedule an activity with your partner, sparks and love will slowly disappear.

Plan your walks, plan your talks, plan your surprises, plan your “spontaneous” activities.

What you saw, you reap. Where you invest, you harvest.

It takes time, energy, and planning.

Love and happiness are not something that happens; they are something you plan!

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