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Miran Peterman

Energy Success Coach (Certified), Energy Relationship Expert, Relationship Coaching, Founder Energy Success Coaching Academy, Transformational Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Life, and Motivational Coach, Lecturer, former professional cyclist, WonHwaDo master (Korean martial art).

I have been Coaching and Training students for more than ten years, and more than a thousand participants and students attended my workshops and individual coaching classes.


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  • I have been practicing sports since I was ten, and there are almost no days without training for me,
  • I have been practicing martial arts for over thirty years, since 1991 Korean Martial Art WonHwaDo.
  • In 2005, I became a WonHwaDo master, and I received a master belt in Korea,
  • From 2018, I am the holder of the highest belt rank in Europe, which I received in Japan. 
  • I’ve been practicing spirituality, and exploring the spiritual world since 1991,
  • For ten years I have been intensively studying, teaching, and traveling around Europe,
  • I have been researching Energy, and practicing Energy Training since 2008,
  • In 2014, I set up my “Energy Success Coaching” Coaching and Training System. 
  • I like to travel the world, go on trips and watch good movies. I love good food.
  • Relationship and Family is something that matters most to me, besides the sport that I have in my blood, of course.
  • My most important VALUES are honesty, fairness, perseverance, discipline, precision, courage, and trust. However, my wish is that I can devote myself more to developing relationships, friendship, love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, joy, pleasure, fun, and enjoying life.
  • My MISSION is to help Clients to Reconnect their Relationship and give it a Fresh Start!


Four Levels of a Relationship

  • Years ago, I was in a relationship where we almost killed each other. We needed a lawyer to divorce peacefully.
  • I was in a relationship, where we started and finished our relationship four times within four years. We were going circles and didn’t know how to move on. In the end, we went apart.
  • I was in a relationship, where-from the outside, everything looked beautiful, and most of the people would stay together. But we discovered that we have different interests and we couldn’t make each other truly happy. And we separated our ways.
  • Now I am in a beautiful relationship. We are building our mission and our future together. We are living our dream and helping others build beautiful Relationships!

Karmen Logant

Certified Energy Success Coach, Relationship Coach, Trainer, Life Coach, Trainer, Intuitive and Transformational Coach, ReiKi master, EFT practitioner, former mountain guide, and half-marathon runner, dog lover, lover of Life.


Ely (Shih Tzu) and Lizzy (Chihuahua)

Team Happiness Managers, Little Dog Angels, Furry Therapists in Stressful Moments, Source of Happiness, and Fun.

PS. Working very hard most of the time. 😉