Is this you?

Whenever you talk to your partner, you need to be careful what to say, how to say, when to say it.

Are you constantly under pressure, trying to avoid what is coming next?

Are You tired and fed up that you can’t just be you and relax?

What is the problem with us? Can’t we talk just like other couples?

Why all this stress?

Is there a solution for this? The answer is yes.

We react like this because of our Energetical injuries.

Emotional experiences that we go through hurt us energetically.

Because of our wounds, when someone says something to us, we react without control. Sometimes, we even explode.

Because of our wounds, we are overly sensitive.

The closer we feel to a person talking to us, the more we react.

We need to heal our wounds Energetically with Energy Therapy.

When our injuries heal, when we become stronger Energetically. Things no longer affect us so much.

We can take a step back, pause for a moment, choose another way to respond.

Step by step, we change our conversation.

And step by step, we change our relationship.

Give yourself another opportunity, heal your relationship today.

PS. Contact me for more information.

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