This is a great myth that has been around for a long time.

It gives you hope. Not to give up.

I understand.

But hope is not a strategy. What You need are clear steps and action.

We know about the law of attraction. Like attracts like.

You can attract into your life someone to love you only when you love yourself.

And this is the plan, and here are the steps.

I hate to tell you that if you don’t have someone who truly loves you in your life; you don’t truly love yourself. Yet!

When you learn to love yourself, and I know it is hard, and maybe you need someone to show you how you will find someone who will love you.

Or they will find you.

And it will not be just One day, but much faster. And this is great news.

When you love yourself, you will find someone who is loving-self and will truly love you.

Amen. Start today!

PS. And if you need support, I am here for you.

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