My partner and I are on the way to breaking up, Tina told me a while ago. I need help.

I understand, I said. Let’s talk, make a plan. And we did it.

But just as we were about to start, Tina sent me a message: We broke up. I have to cancel our agreement. Now I need some time just for myself.

I understand how she feels. I know she needs some time just for herself. But.

The most costly mistake people make after breaking up with their partner is they take time for themselves.

I understand they need time for themselves, time to heal. But! Time will not help with the healing. Time will only push things away.

After you break up with your partner, you need to find help. You need someone to help you identify what didn’t work, to find out things you don’t know about a relationship, mistakes you were doing.

Things are now still fresh, and now is the time to learn. A good coach will help you to recover and heal. Give you the time that you need.

If you don’t learn now, if you don’t change, you will take all that in the next relationship, whenever it comes.

Let’s say that you have problems with accounting at your job, and you get fired. Do you try to find another job where accounting is unnecessary? Like most people do with the relationship. Avoid what didn’t work in the last relationship. What about if accounting is vital in every job?

Wouldn’t it be better to learn it, to improve, to prepare for the next opportunity?

After you break up in a relationship, don’t be just by yourself, licking your wounds and trying to make your conclusions. Mostly, they are not correct. Believe me. I made some bad ones.

Don’t be ashamed. A break-up happened to most of us in life. It is just one stop on your road.

The most important is that you learn and go on. The best of your life is still waiting for you. But.

To have a good life, you must become good. To have a great life, you must become great. To have a wonderful life, you must become wonderful.

To your wonderful life!

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