I wish I would spend more time with my partner, Tina told me. If we would at least have more time to talk, I think it would really change our relationship. We became so distant lately, almost like living next door.

I understand, I replied. Let’s have a look at what is all about. It happens to lots of couples.

But, when you are together, when you have some time to talk, how is it, I asked her.

I honestly must say, not really great, she admitted. We are nagging and picking on each other almost all the time. I hardly recognize us anymore.

Most of the things that he says drive me crazy. Maybe the way he does it, I don’t know; she continued.

I just wish we could talk again like we used to, she said finally.

Yes, I can understand you completely, I told her. But …

You wish you could talk and spend time together the way you used to do in a past, but you are not the same as you used to be in a past.

I can see that, said Tina. I would just like to save our relationship.

If you want to save your relationship, you need to Heal it first.

During your time together, you accumulated lots of resentments, anger, impatience, disappointments, and because of all that, you are both injured energetically. When we are wounded and injured energetically, we are much more sensitive in a relationship, and we react quicker, sometimes without control.

You need to heal relationship energetically and create a new foundation. You need to find a new WHY and new WHERE!

And then, your Life can be the same again. And even more Beautiful.

And today is maybe the day for you to decide.

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