“I feel pretty lonely in my relationship,” Tina told me. “We don’t talk much, and every time we start a conversation we end up being angry at each other”

“Maybe it is because we are tired of each other,” she continued.

I asked her: “Why would that happen?”

“I don’t know, maybe because we are rushing all the time, and we don’t take enough time to talk. We just want to solve thins quickly. We don’t take time to listen. We are tired of everything and each other. Maybe we just need more time for ourselves and each other,” she said after a pause.

“Maybe,” I replied.

“There are so many things bothering me about him lately, his way of talking, things that didn’t disturb me before. I am not attracted to him anymore,” she was honest.

“Maybe this is something that happens after a while to all couples. What do you think?” I asked her.

“Maybe,” she sighed. “It is just that I don’t want to live this way anymore. I am getting tired. It is not what kind of relationship I would like. Is there any way we can change that?” she wanted to know.

A relationship is something that should fulfill us. A Relationship should be a source of our happiness and inspiration, but it often becomes anything but that.

It all often starts with us not knowing how to communicate in a relationship, not knowing our partner’s language, not knowing how to be in a relationship. We don’t know how to tell a partner, how to explain, how to ask, how to praise, how to listen, and how to hear.

Many women think they understand the partner’s language because he “does what she tells him to do.” He does to have peace, but he is not happy. He doesn’t feel like a man, accepted and useful.

We often try to convey something to our partner, but our partner doesn’t understand us. The situation looks like when two people that speak different languages, English and French, for example, meet each other on the street. French person asks about some street direction. Somehow the other feels what she wants and tries to explain to her. But the French, she doesn’t understand. She tries again, and it doesn’t work. Then, she tries to explain it with her hands. And after a while, both are waving, trying to communicate. At the same time, their voices became louder. In the end, they are almost shouting at each other, trying to explain themselves.

In this way, many couples’ communication looks like after a while. Why, after a while? In the beginning, when we are still in love, we have lots of Energy and patience that both get lost by the time.

Our and our partner’s expectations and values are also fundamental, both we bring into our relationship, and many times are different. All this leads to smaller and bigger disappointments and frustrations, until the distance in a relationship becomes even more significant.

We know all those things already, and we tried to solve them this way or another by reading books, attending seminars, and different therapies. But it mostly didn’t work.

The problem is that the most important area of our life stays unchanged and not touched. And this is the area of our Energy.

Energy is everything. Our communication in our relationship consists of only ten percent of verbal communication. All the rest is Energy!

When we talk, when we communicate, when we are in a relationship, we vibrate Energy. And this vibration is not always the most loving and gentle. We go through different unpleasant events, situations, from our childhood, growing up, and later in our relationship. We can say that different energies affect us. Many of these energies hurt and injure us, leaving consequences. Disappointments, feeling powerless, anger, hatred, sadness, loneliness, feeling abandoned, and fear are causing Energetical injuries and pain. We are hurting and bleeding on one side, and on the other, negative Energy is stored in our body, creating energy blockages.

Imagine that you fall down the hill and into the bushes. Your body is full of injuries and pain. Then somebody comes, not knowing what just happened and embraces you. He wanted to show you love, but you scream and jump away because of the pain you feel from hugging. And the same is in our relationship. If your partner reacts differently than you expect, there is a big chance that your partner is energetically hurt and injured.

We have to understand that we already came into a relationship with our injuries and blockages. We carry them from our childhood, collect them growing up. And now again, because we don’t know how to do, how to be in a relationship, situations and events occur where we get hurt again.

If you want to reconnect your relationship, you have to heal it Energetically. Energy Training consists of Energy Healing and Energy Reprogramming. Energy Healing is the treatment and healing of our energetic injuries that occurred during our lives. Because of them, we are not able to function properly. During the Healing process, also our Energy is charged, which gives us a fresh new start.

The second part of the Training is the Energetical reprogramming of our subconscious programs, beliefs about the relationship, and life that caused energetic injuries in the first place. Reprogramming takes place inside a powerful Energy field, which is also why it is more effective from classical reprogramming methods.

When you get Healed Energetically, your relationship communication improves, you get better along with your partner and become closer. Because of new fresh Energy, your mutual attraction increases and your desire for intimacy. Your relationship is reconnected and receives a fresh new start.

During six-month Energy Training, we also form your vision, things, and goals that you want from your “new” relationship. We have to understand that our Energetical injuries and our programs were forming for a long time, sometimes decades. If we want a different life, if we want to be free from the past, treat our injuries, be fully healed, if we want to become stronger, we need time.

It is my experience that there is enough if one partner is working with me. When you start to change yourself, and your Energy is changing, there is a bridge connecting you and your partner, and your partner also starts to change. Many times, nothing happens initially. The partner doesn’t respond, but after a while, like a miracle, everything changes. A miracle is Energy that performs miracles.

Do you want to reconnect your relationship and give it a new start? Send me an email to info(at)energysuccesscoach.com, and we will have a brief call to see if Energy Training is right for you, and if we are a good fit, we can start with Training right away. Contact me today. Every day you are delaying, it costs you your Love and Happiness!

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