• Accept that it is over. Why this, why that, why me? Now, it is not important anymore. It is over.
  • Experience your emotions; max for a day or two, and then don’t let emotions take you over anymore.
  • Create a new vision and move to a new Life, new goals, now.
  • Heal your emotional/energy wounds with Energy (Energy Healing).

I understand you think it takes time to get over, to heal, to process, but this is only because we think it takes time. For a while, we feel good to be sorry for ourselves. We feel good that others feel sorry for us.

In professional sports, and business is difficult as well. You win and fail. And you need to get over, fast. You don’t have time. In personal life, you don’t have time, as well. If you decide so.

Sports and business differ from love life, you may say. Yes, and No. If you would spend ten years preparing for a single game, and you lost it, you would invest more emotions and energy than most people do in a relationship. And you need to get over, the next day. If you want to have a future. Move on.

Been there, done that. After my first divorce years ago, I needed one year to recover. I just couldn’t believe it happened. And now, in my relationship, after the last breakup, I moved in with the love of my life after just a month. I didn’t look for it; I didn’t push it, it just happened naturally when I was ready. Because I was ready.

If you want to get over faster, I can help you. Contact me!

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