Do you practice when you would need to perform?

What is the difference between top athletes, the best actors, successful people, and ordinary people?

All successful people understand You need to practice and prepare to be successful.

If you are a top athlete, you can’t just show up on the day of your competition without preparation.

If you are an actor, you can’t perform on a stage without practicing before.

If you are a successful businessperson, you can’t achieve great results, get new clients, sell lots of products without preparing and building up yourself.

Ordinary people, on the other side, show up without preparation. And they are surprised why there are no results they desire.

If you want more, you must become more. You must prepare. Practice, perfect your performance.

You must train, workout, study, read, meditate, learn from successful people, develop yourself.

There is a time for practice, and there is a time for performance.

Do you take your practice seriously?

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