I would like to prepare my partner, to help me at home more, to clean after himself and to take part more, Sonia complained.

Many times I ask him, I try to talk to him, but he would not keep his promise and consider my wishes, she added. We can’t come along. I don’t feel his support.

Many couples are facing this, I added. How does this influence your relationship, I asked? Every time we don’t know how to communicate, our trust and faith in our partner is on a test. Many times, partners become distant and all this affects our ability to surrender in a relationship.

We need to understand that help and support in a relationship are not just “help and support”, but influence other parts of our relationship, including our intimacy.

Intimacy is not our problem, Sonia said. Always, when we become distant from each other, I talk to myself and rationalize things. After that, there is no problem. In our relationship, we know how to rationalize things and move on.

Really? Really. Sadly, many couples do that. Usually, when we don’t know how to change something, or we are not ready to change, we start to rationalize. Anyway, it is still OK. Why do I even want that? Nobody has it. In the end, it doesn’t even matter that much.

Doesn’t matter, or it matters. The question is how long are you playing already this game, how much did you give up already, that it is like it is, and it is great that is still like this. And how much you allow yourself to go deeper into your heart.

Let these words serve as a gentle reminder to all of you, who somehow forgot that you are caught in a cage, a cage that won’t bring you happiness in a long run.

It is still time to change your relationship. Most likely, you will need to learn some new relationship skills in order to do that. But. Remember something.

It is never too late for Happiness. And maybe today is a day to start again!

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