Sometimes happen that someone contacts me to save their marriage.

The situation is usually quite bad and urgent.

We talk about the coaching and their goals.

And then I receive a “surprise” message.

Thanks for everything. I spoke with my partner.

We solved the situation. Now we have new goals.

And I believe everything will be ok!


Why is it I can’t believe that?

Can you imagine you own the Factory; unhappy people, bad sales, and almost bankrupt?

The CEO comes and says we’ll have a meeting. We’ll talk the thing over, and everything will be ok!

The CEO, who was leading the Factory for a few years now into the ground!

Really? Can you believe it? Why would that work?

Can you solve a problem you created?

Of course, you can. But! Not with the same thinking, the same mentality, the same knowledge!

If you want something new in life, something new has to come into your life.

Every smart company would hire outside help. Someone who has been in a situation like this and was successful.

They would understand; to be successful, you need to train and educate your people.

Why is it so difficult to understand the same in a relationship?

Is it because there is less money at stake? And we have time to try. Few more times?

In a relationship, there is a love that is at stake, your happiness, your future.

It makes sense to invest in it, to find a coach to help you.

And I am not telling you this to sell myself. I have been there; I tried it many times, and I lost few relationships. And then I found some help.

Today, I am happy and privileged to have a beautiful relationship. My mission is to help others to do the same. To protect them from difficulties and all mistakes I made.

I wish you love and happiness, and maybe I can help you get there faster.


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