I can help you to get clarity and more energy so that you can improve your life, create a breakthrough, and achieve bigger results in your personal life and relationships!


Are you ...

  • Are you unhappy with the results that you are getting? Do you feel you can be more, achieve more?
  • Do you feel that you set the wrong priorities in your life?
  • Are you allowing past experiences to stop you from being happy and living the life you want?
  • Do you feel overburdened and you are afraid to burn out if you continue with this tempo?
  • Do you worry that your constant stress and exhaustion will affect your business results?
  • Do you worry about what will happen if the distance in your relationship increases?
  • Do you feel that your situation in a relationship negatively influences your family, children, and your business life?

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What do we need to know about achieving results in all areas of Life (personal, business, relationships) and Energy?

  • The key to achieving results in all areas of Life (personal, business, relationships) is Creative Energy!
  • We can divide Energy into a Life Energy and Creative/Sexual Energy.
  • We use Life Energy to live, exist, to be healthy, and to function.
  • Creative Energy is used to produce/create results in Life.
  • We are all born with a limited amount/capacity of Energy, and we use it daily!
  • Life energy we can recharge with food, rest, sleeping, meditation. On the other side, it is much harder to recharge Creative Energy.
  • If we want to produce/achieve results, and we don't have enough Creative Energy, the results we deliver, come on an expanse of our health.
  • If we don't have results in our Life (area of personal life, business, relationships), it is an almost clear sign that we don't have enough Creative Energy and a big warning for us.
  • Energy Flow is a technique that enables us to recharge, refresh, heal, and fill ourselves with Creative Energy.
  • Energy Flow is an essential part of our 12-week Infinity Energy Programme. (click >>)

I became a happy woman. Satisfied. I feel fulfilled and powerful inside. My life became the way I always wanted it to be.

I realized that it is possible to create a life that I am just happy and I can enjoy it

Maya, 43, life coach

I am very grateful to Miran Peterman to come in my way. Personal coaching helped me to see, what I couldn’t see by myself.

You can trust Miran, and this is most important for a Coach. And when you feel trust, you can open and start healing.

Tina, 35, love coach

My life changed within nine months completely. I see the world differently now. Now I am more peaceful, and I trust life, I am much more connected with myself and appreciate life.

 I would highly recommend this training.

Sabina, 43, business owner