My Story

Who is Miran Peterman? Energy Success Coach, Transformational Coach, Mentor, Lecturer, sportsman, WonHwaDo martial art master.

miran_kid When I look back to when I was Young, I remember that I was able to achieve anything I desired. I was very good at school, top athlete (cyclist). I knew what I wanted from Life. Everything was clear to me. Already as a teenager I would always find a way to have enough money. At the age of 18, I bought myself an orange Mini Morris.

I started to study to become an engineer, but very soon I came across an International Student Association. My Life turned upside down. Before perfectly logical, technically focused, I started to become aware of my emotions. I started to explore the purpose of Life, family values, spirituality. I sensed a calling to help people, stopped with my studies and started following my Heart.

My Parents at home, of course, did not agree with what I was doing and that is why I stopped talking to them for a year and moved away from home.

While in the association I traveled a lot and I spent almost three years abroad. For 10 years I have been gaining experience as a Lecturer, organizing seminars and workshops for young people.

miran_lesson Then I started my own company, CopyShop. This was my first real job, ever. Before I started, I spent three months in Germany where my friend had his CopyShop and learned a few basics. And than I started. No work experience, no business plan. I did not even know how to write a receipt. I borrowed some money and jumped into unknown waters. A couple of times a customer came and requested a service that I did not know how to provide. She left me the things saying: “You will figure it out and I will come latter.”

It was crazy, but I persisted. At year end I ended with an additional loss. Next year there was a moment when I was forced to move and live in my Shop, because I did not have enough money to pay the rent for my apartment. Often I was depressed, sometimes even paralyzed almost all day if no one came into the Shop.

I studied all available motivational literature, daily listened to audio lectures from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar,.. but I could not make real breakthrough. It was battle all the time. With my wife we were often fighting and arguing, which finally led to divorce.

Tired from the never ending struggle at work, empty from the recent relationship I came across Energy Training. I realized, that no matter how much knowledge I had, without Energy I could not achieve the result that I wanted.

With this new training things started to develop. I was convinced that I was on the right track. I was, for a while. And then it happened. The Coaching company I was working for and where I invested lots of money for my Energy training fell into difficulties. My instructor and the company owner started to fight with the investors and everything ended with lawsuits and Curt.

I practically ended on the street. I had to start from the bottom again. Burdened with a mortgage for a loan spent on my training and a lot of pressure from the bank and creditors.

From time to time it was really difficult. Fear, pressure, despair. I did not know how I was going to make it. Twice I was visited by debt collectors. A few times I was even thinking about suicide. To step out of this Game and to finally have peace.

I will never forget the cold winter morning me and my father, who was supporting me all the time and to whom I moved back, woke into, because we ran out of oil during the night. There was no oil for heating anymore and there was no money to buy it. That winter we were buying oil for heating in parts, a couple $ 100 at a time, because there was no money for a bigger order.

I was searching for techniques, methods, picking myself up and getting stronger. I had intuitive guidance, I would always find the right mentor at the right time, attend a seminar, find another training. Step by step, I was able to change my beliefs and the way I viewed life.

miran_web-e1455640092609 Today I am truly grateful that I can live my mission – I am helping clients with their Life Transformation. I enjoy my work, I look forward to each new day, I have a lot of energy, I found my inner peace, focus and my vision. And I am truly blessed with a happy and fulfilling relationship.

I believe that everything happens with a reason and that all these things did not happen just because of me, but also because of my mission. I was always looking for simple, down to earth techniques, methods and solutions. I developed Energy Success Coaching, a 7 Step Process, through which You can Put Yourself First, build Your Success and start living Your Dreams.