• Are You fed up with Your old Life,
  • are tired of trying, going around in circles,
  • are tired of Results being just out of your reach,
  • are You tired of being tired?
  • Do You want to take (back) control over Your Life,
  • increase Your Focus and Motivation?
  • Do You believe, that You are more than that?

“I studied all available motivational literature, daily listened to audio lectures from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar,.. but I could not make real breakthrough. It was battle all the time. With my wife we were often fighting and arguing, which finally led to divorce.” (Miran Peterman – My Story)



  • That You are the Creator of Your own Life,
  • You are not concerned about Money and Your Future,
  • You have Clear Vision and You achieve Your Goals,
  • You are Motivated and Organized,
  • You know Your Way. You follow Your Intuition, You always find the Way,
  • You have enough Free Time for Yourself and the People You Love,
  • You are Happy, Satisfied and Fulfilled!

“I was searching for techniques, methods, picking myself up and getting stronger. I had intuitive guidance, I would always find the right mentor at the right time, attend a seminar, find another training. Step by step, I was able to change my beliefs and the way I viewed life.

Today I am truly grateful that I can live my mission – I am helping clients with their life transformation. I enjoy my work, I look forward to each new day, I have a lot of energy, I found my inner peace, focus and my vision. And I am truly blessed with a happy and fulfilling relationship.” (Miran Peterman – My Story)



  • I will help You to Create Your Vision. What is it that You really want? Maybe You are afraid to even think aloud, that You can still fulfill Your Dreams.

  • We will make a practical plan for Your Personal Growth. A plan that works and motivates You. A plan that You can Follow even when You do not have enough Time. A plan that will become Your Schedule and part of Your Life.

  • We will take a look at Your Beliefs. What You Believe in Life, You Create. You Create Your Own Life. How can You change the Beliefs that have brought You to this undesired state?

  • What is in Your way, that You do not Live Your Life to the Fullest? Negative blockages, past experiences, suppressed emotions. It is just not enough that You control Your Thoughts. Your vibration is the one that manifests Your results.

  • What about Your environment? How much does it support You? You can have a clear goal, motivation, momentum, but if You are surrounded with People that do not support You, it will be very hard to achieve Your Goals.

  • If you want progress, You have to work at it, but what if You are doing the wrong things or maybe the right things, but in a wrong way.

  • “He who fails to plan is planning to fail” (Winston Churchill). Success is always result of proper planning. And You will not be alone here. Mentorship is traveling together to destination. When You can trust, when You know that You have support, motivation, answers that You need and most important, somebody to show You things that You can not see, show You new way, new Possibility, when the old one doesn’t work and help You step by step, that You can start walking alone.

“My mission is to help People that are fed up with their old Life to Put Themselves First, build their Success and start living Their Dreams.”

“There is nothing more fulfilling than a client who says: I cannot believe how much we managed to do in one month. I thought I would need a whole year to do that.” (Miran Peterman)



Coaching can take place via Skype or web conference, which is very practical. Transformation is happening in Your environment, not in my office. We follow Blueprint, practical, down to earth Steps and methods that work. Part of the program is Your Homework. I believe that Transformation is a process that is happening in all areas of Your Life. We adapt this process to Your individual needs and Situation.

“I attended a personal growth seminar and there I was picked to received a prize – Personal Coaching – among 140 people. That is how it started. And then I decided to continue.

I got a Mentor, I was working, reading books, writing, attending workshops and seminars. I started to rebuild My Life. I redefined My values, relationships, My responsibility, My contributions. I was learning how to find my inner strength and how to understand what was going on in My relationships. Why it was happening.

I was learning how to love Myself and what it meant to Love My partner. What relationship was all about.

I became a Happy Woman. Fulfilled. I feel strength and joy inside of Me. My life is like I always wanted it to be. I created relationships I can really enjoy. I have learned that I can create the kind of Life which I can really enjoy and I am simply Happy.” (Karmen Logant)


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